Tuesday, July 29

All Sugars are NOT Created Equal

I"m learning about sugar & how it affects our bodies, well mine anyway.

Some time ago, I thought I had it nailed! Get rid of white sugar out of the diet, easy. Or so I thought!

So I ditched the white, went over to raw & carried on cooking...

Then I read about how sugar is inflammatory in the body, if there are any issues like arthritis, IBS (irritable bowel)

So I went all out & got rid of the sugars in my cupboards... Or so I thought!

Recently I've been dealing with leaky gut issues, learning about it that is. And compromised gut flora, & other inflammatory diseases (never stop learning)

A wise owl (wiser than me) informed me that dates, coconut sugar, maple syrup, & even bananas... are still sugar! 

There go the sweet treats! This leads me into thinking, what shall I eat or what can others eat, when I want that little something extra at the end of the meal?

So far I"ve found the organic coconut chips are marvellous! Creamy, chewy, semi sweet & filling! Ticks all the boxes! 

I also have a protein bar that I make & keep in the fridge for those moments...after dinner...every night! I'll post the recipe when I make a new batch. 

Some nuts are good, as are sunflower seeds, but I usually eat nuts in the morning unless Im desperate.

Even a date or three helps sometimes. I"ve found cooking some plain rice with bottled unsweetened fruit, with a few drops of stevia on it, is good as a dessert too.

Here's to our good healthy sweet things

p.s. I found this article: http://lifefoods.co.nz/blog/shedding-the-sugar/

Sunday, July 20

Moving Forward

Today I bought business cards for the upcoming seminar with Gina Wilson on August 23rd....excitingggggg!

Saturday, July 12

Chemical Poisoning

Today I want to talk about something a lot of us dont even think about...additives in food & other products we use on & in our bodies.

There are some some words I learned some years ago, that I had never thought about before. Thanks to some good friends of mine, who mentored me in my chemical free journey, I came to learn about these nasties: Sodium Laurel Sulphate & Propylene Glycol. Google what they are so I'm not influencing your thinking.

Saturday, July 5

Sugar- Whether to eat it or not

Today I learned about artificial sugars, and how they affect the body.
I was pleased when I learned that we should eat natural sugars, not synthetic or other sugars, so the stevia is in the bin!

The body responds when the brain says, here comes a sugar hit...yahoo! Then it doesn't arrive if you've eaten a synthetic sugar of any kind, because the body doesn't recognise it; so your brain tells you to eat more & then you gain weight! Thats the gist of it anyway. In fact the article written by an MD who is studying the correlation between sugar & weight gain said, eat a little sugar. No thanks!

I"m sticking with the dates, maple syrup & bananas! ...