Saturday, July 5

Sugar- Whether to eat it or not

Today I learned about artificial sugars, and how they affect the body.
I was pleased when I learned that we should eat natural sugars, not synthetic or other sugars, so the stevia is in the bin!

The body responds when the brain says, here comes a sugar! Then it doesn't arrive if you've eaten a synthetic sugar of any kind, because the body doesn't recognise it; so your brain tells you to eat more & then you gain weight! Thats the gist of it anyway. In fact the article written by an MD who is studying the correlation between sugar & weight gain said, eat a little sugar. No thanks!

I"m sticking with the dates, maple syrup & bananas! ...

So anyway how did this come up? I've got the grandies coming to stay & don't want to fill them up full of junk! I've made them coconut flour, chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin in them (to die for), and almond meal brownie (also to die for)

Instead of juice I got them really cool little spongebob themed water bottles, so they wont be getting any carton juice from me! Their other option is a flavoured milk or hot chocolate.

They will get a treat or two while they're with me, after all I'm not the food police, & thats what they are used to. We play a game where I hide a treat & I tell them how cold or hot they are, as they get closer to it. They just love it! I'm all about the memories, hopefully I"m building some great ones for them. This time they get new socks & a chocolate bar :D

Hope you're all having a great day, if you woke up, its a good one eh.

Now to post some recipes, here comes the chocolate hit!

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