Tuesday, October 7

Which Diet? Low Fodmap, GaPs, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers...

I've been doing some more thinking & research on diets.

My gut is pretty unhappy right now, because Ive been eating Way Too Many carbs lately!

Why do I do it? Its the only leverage I have in my budget, like many of you I"m sure. Also post menopause I crave them, bad I know.

One of the common patterns Im seeing in all of these diets, is to eat more veges & protein. For me that means eggs, nuts, meat, fish & chicken, as I"m dairy & gluten intolerant.

So how do we incorporate more veges & proteins into our food?

Here are some suggestions:

Roast Vege Salad - goes with everything, eat hot or cold, travels well & keeps for a week in the fridge.

Scrambled Eggs on Toast - Different versions include: with rocket, chilli, parsley (is a green vegetable), other herbs & spices you like. Get creative with it!

Quiche- A great way to hide veges, with cheese & milks, lots of eggs

Fish Pie- Made with veges in a white sauce as the second layer, under the fish. I always eat fresh fish 99% of the time now, to avoid the Massive amounts of salt used in tinned fish. 

Desserts- with eggs, seeds, veges & nuts: You can eat these at lunchtime too you know.

  • Pumpkin custards, it really is delicious, give it a try
  • Chia pudding w berry coulis (made with cashew milk)
  • Rice pudding, made with eggs & milks
  • Egg custard pies & tarts
  • Avocado chocolate mousse & ice cream
  • Pumpkin spice ice cream- by Minimalist Baker
Just some ideas for you to start with, even a meat & salad lunch or sandwich. Make sure you add some seeds for extra nutrition

And Snacks, mustnt forget them!

  • Chopped up raw veges in containers in the fridge
  • Pumpkin custards are great for that
  • Chocolate sludge too
  • Sunflower crackers, or thyme & garlic, cinnamon
  • Hummus & dips with raw veges or crackers
  • Cheese for those who can eat it
  • Yoghurt, not dairy food though
  • Dates, but only a few (sugar)
  • Protein bar, but don't go crazy (sugar) 

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