Tuesday, October 14

Im getting pickled

Its that time again, time to make some more delicious fermented cabbage...aka sauerkraut.

I made a small jar expecting not to like it. Just the thought of soggy salty cabbage is enough to make me gag! But I persevered thinking about the free probiotics I would get with it. Thats always a win!

Boy was I wrong! The cabbage, carrot & ginger I made up was only slightly salty...I used the right amount of salt this time, & Crunchy! So I've just made a new batch, dare I say a huge batch! So easy to make too!

So you want to know how to make it? Ok here's the recipe:


  • Enough cabbage, carrot, fresh ginger or any other veges you like, to fit into your jar, leaving enough room for liquid to cover it.
  • Water
  • 1 Tbs salt
  1. Cut up the cabbage, carrot & ginger as rough or finely as you like
  2. Put them in a bowl & bash them to release the juices
  3. Layer them into the jar, sprinkling a little salt on each layer.
  4. Fill the jar with water & use some kind of weight to hold the vegetables down under the water.
  5. Leave on the kitchen bench or counter for 24-48 hours until the liquid starts to taste fizzy. You will see bubbles coming up & popping.
  6. If you like the taste, push the veges back down, close the lid & put in the fridge. Job done!
  7. Drink 1 Tbs of the liquid before meals for the probiotics & eat the vegetables with meals or by itself. I'm hooked! Such a great way to use the other half of the cabbage before it spoils too!
It keeps for months by the way, win! Not that it'll last that long!

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