Gardening in NZ


I used to make slug traps in my gardens, drunk slugs dont eat plants lol.

Still waiting for the gerbera to flower... BUT I ate my first Swiss Chard leaves today! With all the Spring rain we've had (it rains almost daily in NZ) the leaves were soft, young, sweet & creamy...bliss! 

Now thats what I call the way to eat your colours!

Today I was outside clearing away all the sodden articles containing water from our recent deluge of rain, when I noticed my gerbera plant is about to flower!!! First time I've ever been able to keep one alive, let alone flower for a second time! 

What did I do differently? I followed my lovely daughter in laws example, by leaving it alone & not watering it until the leaves began to droop...Win!

Dont you just love it when you succeed in doing something, by not doing anything?

Another thing that seems so simple to me, is to grow your own food. That way you get spray free if not organic, on hand veges, fresh & relatively free. Especially if your budget is tight. The first season costs a little in the way of seeds or seedlings, but you can let one plant go to seed, then harvest the seeds & grow all your own next year. How great is that!

I have Swiss Chard growing in a pot on my deck this year, to start with.
The deck gets some late morning & full afternoon sun, so the plants should do ok there. A sun trap is a great place to grow tomatoes & pickable lettuces too.

I"m also soaking some spicy sprouts, to grow for micro greens, Yum! And super full of nutrition! That 'recipe' is on my new Gardening page, watch this space.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I believe in keeping it real. We All go through hard times, especially in this economic climate! One minute you have a job or relationship with hopes & dreams, the next minute you need to regroup & find a new way to survive. 

I"m proud to be a survivor! If I can help you find ways to be more resourceful, my heart is full.

It also means we can help each other to do better, even just by knowing that we aren't doing life alone. 
Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see here.