Saturday, July 12

Chemical Poisoning

Today I want to talk about something a lot of us dont even think about...additives in food & other products we use on & in our bodies.

There are some some words I learned some years ago, that I had never thought about before. Thanks to some good friends of mine, who mentored me in my chemical free journey, I came to learn about these nasties: Sodium Laurel Sulphate & Propylene Glycol. Google what they are so I'm not influencing your thinking.

They are found in your vanilla essence, your toothpaste, shampoo & many other places in your home.

Now ask yourself the question: "why do I have this product in my toothpaste?" Someone close to me once said "well they must put it in there for a reason"...pure ignorance!

Also the word lots of meat products & really not good for us either. I no longer buy pre corned beef, bacon or ham with nitrates. And yes they taste different! Like meat in fact, like they were designed to.

These days I use Enjo cloths and plain water to clean with, even my dishes. And for washing clothes, Washing Soda Crystals, derived from salt. Myself? water & an Enjo cloth. Do I smell? No ones ever told me I do. My only concession to chemicals is my organic shampoo & conditioner, which will be changing shortly, as I have developed a scalp condition...since using them! Now stop scratching your head & go cook something healthy...from scratch :0)

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