Friday, January 9

Losing Weight

This subject has consumed my thoughts for the better part of last year. For the first time in my life, I've had to deal with carrying extra weight! I"m a small person, so I notice if I get too heavy.

Now I get how it can consume your thoughts, diet choices, shopping, feelings...

There is hope! Throughout last year, I started researching this subject, walked more, & faster, cut back on things like dessert, (which I LOVE), bread & baked goods. Now I'm not saying I cut them out completely (mustn't overdo these things), I just cut back so far as to make them treats.

I read blogs & articles from people who know more than me, & there are plenty of those...Dr Libby has an excellent article on weight loss,Read Here as well as some dieticians, nutritionists who I follow & trust. Dr Beth is one of those people. You can search her free articles Here. Also a lovely lady I trained with at university, Marcelle Bolweg is a Very qualified dietician amongst other things. Check out her blog here

Not all though! I had a book on nutrition that I had started reading & found it full of controversial 'facts'.

My journey also includes the processing of foods, added hormones, preservatives, high levels of salt etc.

The pattern I'm seeing is the mighty dollar sign. Eg; if we pump the meat with colour & water, it looks fresh & juicy & people will still buy it...sad face goes here. And yes, supermarkets do this! Not all thankfully.

I've noticed the tomatoes, peas, strawberries, greens I grow, go limp Very quickly in the heat. Whereas, the store bought ones take 3-4 times as long to deteriorate!
That concerns me!

My typical lunch of garden greens, tomato, seeds etc

One of the things that is important to do, is check out your source of information before blindly following them.
There is So much information on the internet & some of it is right. The rest is wrong.

Eat single ingredient foods where you can & lose weight like me. I"ve lost 4 kg so far, sleeping better, drinking more water, exercising & remaining as stress free as possible. My hormones are balanced more in the mature years too. The bottom line is losing weight isnt all about eating, its about a combination of factors.

Here's to being healthier this year!

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