Thursday, August 7

Going Organic

Going Organic:

One of the dumbest things I've heard is the statement, "we don't believe going organic is any more healthy than not". (The food authorities)

Thats a strong thing to say, & I just cant understand the reasoning behind it.

If the vegetables & fruit have been sprayed with pesticides, who wants to or feels safe to eat the skin?

NOT me thats for sure!

So when I buy organic, I leave the skin on all my fruit & veges, where applicable of course.

Why do I do that?

Because heaps of the nutrients are in the skin!
The end, have a great day everyone. If you woke up, its a good day.

More on Snacks:

Gluten, dairy, egg, soy, sugar & nut free Crackers
From what I'm hearing its definitely the snacks that are hardest to find, in a more healthy or allergy friendly form. So I'm doing some research, learning a lot along the way, & producing some very tasty little morsels for you! See my baking page for more x

HI again, I've been thinking...did you smell the smoke?

One of the issues that a lot of people have difficulty with, when trying to eat a more healthy diet, in my experience, is snacks!

e.g. What can I eat between meals when I'm still a  bit hungry?...

I get it! I have the same issue, so I'm going to share some ideas & information I've gathered on the subject.

Firstly, if we eat a good amount of protein & healthy fats with every meal, we wont get hungry between meals. 

Secondly I've found that some of those 'hunger' feelings, aren't hunger! They are the body saying "hey I"m thirsty, give me some water". And NO amount of herbal teas, coffee or other beverages seem to satisfy that craving! The sugar in the juice based drinks is known to make us more thirsty, therefore drink more juice, making yourself more thirsty. I've tested this theory on myself, as I do, & found it to be true.

To demonstrate I'll share my experience of this. I usually have a large cup about 500mls of Rooibos Tea when I first get up in the morning. Then I eat a bowl of soaked & cooked wholegrain oats aka porridge (oatmeal) with either cinnamon, turmeric or ginger (or a combination) in it, & lately 2 brazil nuts. I usually put a gold kiwifruit, or an apple, or berries with the porridge too.

Buckwheat Baking Powder Bread
Then I have a slice of gluten free, dairy free toast, home made, with raw honey on it, or home made nut butter. My current fave is almond butter.
Now I ought to be full & satisfied, but I'm not. So I reach for more nuts, Coconut Chips or sunflower seeds, or even some home made crackers. Ridiculous!

So one day I did a test. I made gf, df french toast with banana, maple syrup & bacon. 2 slices of the toast, 2 rashers of Henderson's Nitrate Free Bacon, 1 banana & 1 tsp of maple syrup. I like the Queen Organic Maple Syrup, the Real stuff!

Result? I was full! Until lunchtime! 

Then I analysed what I'd eaten in my usual breakfast & came up with this result. My breakfast was made up of: fructose, carbs, heavy metals (from the boiled water) & herbal tea flavouring with a tiny bit of protein.
I also lead a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, doing a LOT of research.

The results of this self testing, show me that what others are saying about eating more healthy fats at each meal, is right. So I guess its eggs on toast for this chick tomorrow (couldn't resist), or quinoa 'porridge' with fruit.

And as for the snacks, I try to eat coconut chips, nuts & oven baked vegetable chips like parsnips, kale zucchini, kumara, pumpkin, brussel sprouts (warmed), carrots with a little olive oil on them, or coconut oil.

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