Friday, August 1

Sugars continued & FODMAPS

I'm reading the book I Quit Sugar For Life by Sarah Wilson, at the moment. It has some very good things to say about how ingredients interact with each other. It seems our bodies only need glucose, which is found in meat & vegetables. What we dont need is fructose! It has no nutritional helping value at all, in any part of our bodies...makes me wonder why God invented fruit?

Agave is Extremely high in fructose, 70% in fact! I know when I've used it, thinking it was healthy...I felt really sick. Now I know why! As well as the high fat content, albeit good fat from coconut oil & cashews. And honey is higher than maple syrup! (the no sugar added one) I'm changing my habits as we speak.  

What Sarah does say, is eat more fat for satiety (feeling full). 

So today I made an avocado chocolate mousse & ate it on apple segments, delish! I also had nuts with breakfast & have seeds on the fish pie I"m making. With fresh fish naturally, wayyyyy too much salt in tinned fish! I mean like 45 tsp in some of them! Yes I'll post the recipe once I serve out a portion & take a pic.  

Sarah recommends putting coconut oil on your veges for the fat content, yum!

I'm also reading a FODMAP diet book & allergy proof recipes for kids. Ok lets face reality here, I read any dietary book I can get my hands on, even scouring recipes in the old mags at the Drs office, in other venues, even toilets. I"ve actually been known to ask a doctor to wait a second while I take a pic of a recipe...who hears me?

I borrow magazines too, & yes I take them back.

So  back to the subject, I picked up the Fodmap book in the library to see what kind of recipes are in there & what exactly Fodmaps are...a really long explanation actually. I noticed that in that on the Fm (Fodmap) diet,  a person needs to eat very little fat, as its inflammatory to a sensitive person. I found that very interesting as I dont tolerate fat well at all. 

Also a lot of the 'healthy' legumes, pulses, seeds and grains, particularly wheat are not well tolerated. Me again! I live dairy & gluten free anyway, but could start my own hot air balloon business occasionally...if you know what I mean. wink.

So how does one go sugar free, eat a different diet & still manage to get good nutrition?

Watch this space as I do more research, helping me & helping you. Feel free to leave me a comment.

I now have Low Fodmap recipes on my baking page, enjoy.

And today I came across the website for one of my classmates from uni: 
 The Foodies Wardrobe

She's one clever cookie! Go check her website! You wont regret the visit

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