Saturday, June 27

That Sugar Film & Fructose

Who's been to see That Sugar Film?

I went a few weeks ago, & was astounded at the impact sugar has on our health.
Its all  backed up medically, if you didnt see it.

Its been a journey for me, along with visiting a dietician for ongoing gut issues. I have lost a few kilos, & my system is much happier these days. And oh boy do I notice the sweetness of foods, since cutting down on my sugar!

I actually had to cut down my fat, as I'm sensitive to it, but needed the carbs for energy, while I was catching buses for the last six months. This increase included adding a little more sugar, which I wasnt thrilled about, but had to do. e.g. Buying lower cocoa butter content sugar meant increasing the sugar content...gag!

There is a cute little car parked in my driveway now, so I will need to rethink the carb intake as well I guess. Who wants to walk in the freezing wind & rain that we get in New Zealand in Winter? Not me thats for sure!

Hope you've all been doing well, drop in & share your journey sometime.

No recipes to share lately, as my food is quite simple at the moment. I'm on a Low Fodmap diet, & finding it is great for me. The reintroduction phase begins this week, so its going to be interesting to see how High Fodmap foods affect me.

The thing about being on this diet, as prescribed by a dietician is, the amount of fructose in foods you'd never suspect. Like honey, apricots, dates, & other  'healthy' foods.

If you're going 'natural' like I have been prior to this, watch out for those. They are still interpreted by the brain as sugar, & have the same effect on the body.

Enough for now, go out & do some research. I'll post a list when I have more time.

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