Saturday, October 18

Getting Fresh

Happy New Year everyone! Today is the day we traditionally take down the Christmas tree. This last year has been full of surprises! Some good, some not my favourites. Here's to a New Year, full of good things, good relationships, new beginnings & new recipes of course.
If you overly partook of the good foods of Christmas, like I did, now's the time to jump back on that wagon & eat single ingredient foods.


I went to the doctor yesterday & was told my last cholesterol test came back great! That's a testimony to my eating choices over the last year! The only things I buy processed are coconut milk/cream, organic tomatoes in cans, hulled seeds, cocoa, dried beans or canned, tea bags, coconut oil, olive oil, tamari, and shampoo.
This year I plan to change over to cacao & buy more organic brands of those things.
Being financially challenged, that's difficult to achieve each week, but if I buy one product each week, I can do it...and so can you :0)

Here's to better food choices! Let's Show the traditional medical profession & other eaters the way to better health!

My daily breakfast all year. Wholegrain soaked cooked oats, nuts, seeds & fruit

Summer has well & truly arrived in New Zealand, yay!
Christmas has been, the holidays are upon us. Sitting in the sun listening to cicadas sing, jet skis on the water & children playing. Life is good! How are things with you right now?

Have a chocolate on me

Is anyone else having weird crazy weather? A beautiful blue sky very hot day today! And about time I have to say!

So what about this Summer we're not having...

This is the view from my flat at 3pm...sea fog & drizzly rain.
On the upside, its been a great day or few days for getting all the Christmas sewing & baking done. How are you doing with your prep?

Sorry about the lack of warning for changing the blog. Its been on my mind for sometime, to modernise it the way other blogs that appeal to me are. And the clean fresh feel of white, who can go past it!

Do you like it?

Makes the food pics pop, dont you think?

My fave easy dessert, a baked apple, stuffed with dates, coconut sugar & currants