Thursday, October 9

Sweet Potatoes aka Kumara

Why do I keep adding weird recipes with vegetables in them? Simply because they are so much healthier than recipes without! Which means we can eat more treats right?
And kids can eat yummy snacks, so Moms/Mums dont have to worry about their nutrition so much, win!
Not to mention the fact that they will sustain us for longer.

So todays lesson is about sweet potatoes, grab a drink & have a read:

Chocolate Sludge (recipe on baking page)

Sweet potatoes are a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition.

They’re rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A and C, and act as an anti-inflammatory in the body. One large potato provides 4 grams protein, 6 grams of fiber, and just 162 calories

And if you'd like to read more of the nutrition info, go here:

Now go ahead & indulge yourself 

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