Wednesday, August 20

Being Resourceful cont

HI again, nice to see you! Well figuratively anyway.

Yesterday I got into my stores of dry food & what was left over in the fridge etc & made some very yummy things to eat!

I started the day with my traditional wholegrain oats, with sesame seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger & some frozen cranberries(man those things are Sour) in it. Chopped apple & brazil nuts on top.

I had brown rice, so I made rocket lemon risotto with chicken for dinner. It was So good! I used the liquid from cooking the chicken as the water for the risotto, picked some of the larger leaves of rocket from the garden & had been given some lemons, so the zest & juice went in at the end. (zest gets bitter otherwise) You can find the recipe on my main meals page

I also had some coconut flour, a banana & other dry ingredients like currants, so I made what I like to call Banana Bread, but its more like coconut fruit bread with only one banana. You can find the recipe on my baking page.

Then I had some Chia Pudding with Cranberry Compote for dessert. You can find the recipe on my dessert page.

Next I found some dried chickpeas, to make hummus & roasted chickpeas for snacks. They are cooking right now! Find those recipes on my snacks page.

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