Tuesday, August 19

Being Resourceful

This week is a challenge for me, to  be as resourceful as I can. Its that time when the bills roll in one after the other, with surprises in between. You know what I'm talking about, no matter what country huh!

I"m looking in my cupboards to see what I can make. So far I've found dried chickpeas, they will be roasted chickpeas & hummus, with a lemon & garlic I have. If I had a can of tomatoes I'd make Moroccan chickpea soup, but I don't.

I found a banana in the freezer, & eggs, so banana bread is on the menu, along with the apple cider bread to use up. I still cant get why anyone would want to eat that stuff! Its sour!

I have 2 chicken thighs for today, what shall I make with them? I was thinking soup but I have NO vegetables left.

I have rice, gf noodles, lentils, gf flours, 2 eggs, a small can of coconut milk & coconut flour. Lend me your creativity today, all ideas welcome.

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